Updates:Amber / Pentatonic / Fayzz / new band

Ambermusic will tour 12 cities of China mainland this Winter; Pentatonic finished one new track’s recording session,plan to online within 2 weeks; Fayzz will performing with 3 other PR bands this Friday,Chengdu,Little Bar; One new band will join 1724 soon. More details will follow:)


1724 Records Mid-Autumn Party

Help 1724 Records celebrate Moon Festival with post-rock outfits Grinding Ear and Pentatonic.

Also,we supply limited free things for early guests:beer,moon cake,t-shirts,poster,badge.So,enjoy!

Xp address is : 2 Di’anmen Xi Dajie (southwest of the Di’anmen intersection, behind the Fragrant Autumn Chestnut store) , Xicheng district