Muggle(post-rock/math-rock band from Zhang Jiajie)


Muggle is an instrumental rock project including post-rock, math-rock and ambient, comes from Zhang Jiajie, a small town located in the west of Hu Nan province.
In 2009, Liu Yang, the guitarist of 48v——another post-rock band in Chang Sha, left for his hometown, Zhang Jiajie, a few months after that, Muggle was established by Liu Yang and Zhao Min as a studio band insists in no-performing. Muggle joined 1724, the record label of 48v’s in Beijing, and released two records in 2015 and 2017.
In a slow life surrounded by pretty landscape scenery of Zhang Jiajie, seems Muggle is recording a quiet life by music, however, some inspiration makes such recording unique——Muggle is trying to find and accomplish different tunes from normal life pattern and stereotyped music style.
As Muggle’s latest record, Foldback——also its first full-length album—— is a conceptual ambient production. Combining the melody led by guitar and slow voice along with dialogue from Dream of the Red Chamber, a classic TV play premiered in 1987, Foldback gently reminds us how memory and beauty fades out as time goes by, all the youths and bustle will turn into dust in the end.
Out of respect for the artists(’cause both Muggle and 1724 tried but didn’t get authorization from the TV play’s publisher.It’s another story.So,anyway ), those who love Foldback will get it in a special way, for free, instead of buying.
Muggle will play instruments in a conventional way in its next album, another 1724 production, which will be released in 2017.

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