Amber(Post-Rock band from Xi’an,China)

At the end of Summer in 2010, Amber started on its journey as a post/instrumental rock band in Xi’an, an ancient capital of China.

Inspired by the perception of daily life, Amber persists in composing music with colorful melodies and bright tones—which always turns into intense imageries in performances, just like shining Amber. After joining “1724”, an indie record label located in Beijing, Amber published its first album, Drunk Star, in 2011. Xue Ran, the guitarist from another post/instrumental rock band, Glow Curve, participated in the album design. Only 500 copies of this limited record were released in eco-packaging, all were sold out in the same year.

The first album of Amber’s was created under the influence of:
Toe/Miaou/Pg.lost/ENVY/Euphoria/Courga/This Will Destroy You/Sigur Rós/Epic45/Dorena/Mooncake/The Lovesong/Saxon Shore/Ef/Mogwai…

Their new album is still in production, please keep following. Sharing them with your friends is also adorable. 🙂

Band Members
YANG Liang (G)
Haide (G)
Zhao Bo (B)
LI Guanyu (Dr)

Drunk Star-2011(EP,1724 Records)