Report about Post-Rock in China by Russian website Magazeta

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“Thank you!It’s really interesting”.One comment about this article.

The editor Alena Ovsiannikova of Magazeta (Магазета)collected several bands to explain post-rock of China.Including two of us 48v and Pentatonic .

But,in Russian only.



Interview with Road End of 1724 Records | Post Rock Label from Beijing

Not recently,but still useful for English people to touch with us.

Rock in China

The Beijing Post-Rock compilation released by 1724 Recordscaught our eye a couple of weeks ago. And as I started to digdeeper into the post rock scene of China, I noticed that 1724 Records is quite active on and the owner Road End is a user there. For the record, 1724 has reached over 2500 listeners with 24 thousand scrobbels. Put that in comparison with Maybe Mars power of 8000 listeners and 100 thousand scrobbels and you will realize that 1724 has an enormous reach in the overseas market.

As such, I contacted Road End, whose real name is Niu Lei and interviewed him with our basic questionaire to bring light into the dark. Niu Lei had responded in Chinese and a dear friend of his helped with the translation. In between the answers you will find music sniplets of 1724 Records and the corresponding record…

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Free download of Muggle’s long time track


Recorded at the beginning of 2015,in the noise of Spring Festival.But yeah,it’s a jam session work,alone with the speech of Allen Ginsberg.Our label 1724 Records made the CDr physical as plus gift for our first EP buyer.For here,listen & download as free.Share to your friends if you like it.

Listen & download

BTW,Muggle’s new album recording now.

Feel free by facebook page get in touch with them