Post-rock as a New Bridge between China and Japan


The love and hate relationship between China and Japan is on going, now and in history. Regardless of the bullshitting from the governments, young people from both countries never stop their passion towards each other. The keywords range from adult video to history TV dramas; and recently, post-rock is receiving more and more attention. Tokyo based post-rock band, saisa, is the first Japanese to have a CD debut with a Chinese label. From 14 to 22 of June, the band is going to tour six cities in China with their first full-length album, ‘Nothing but naked vanity’, presented by Beijing based label 1724 Records.

Formed in Tokyo in 2009, saisa is a three-piece post-rock band. saisa adds vocal to the various sounds of guitar created, and tells their own sorrows and memories through the melodies.

They want to challenge in the world and think for expressing musical wonderfulness exceeding walls of culture, race and sense of values. Their first EP was released in cassette with Wisconsin based label, Keep It Together.

Interested in Summer Fades Away, a 1724 band, saisa joined the Beijing based label in February 2013. Since then, the band has been working on their first full-length album and overseas tour. In June, they will set off from Guangzhou, all the way north through Shenzhen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xi’an and Beijing to share their music and stories with the fans in China.

Tour Dates

2013.6.14 Fri. Guangzhou, TuTu Space

2013.6.15 Sat. Shenzhen, Yidutang

2013.6.16 Sun. Wuhan, Vox

2013.6.19 Wed. Zhengzhou, 7 Live

2013.6.20 Thur. Xi’an, Aperture Club

2013.6.22 Sat. Beijing Yugong Yishan



Official info.


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