saisa-Nothing but Naked Vanity 2013 China Tour

poster-saisa china tour-low

Voted “Best New Artist” 2012
So Rock! and X Music recommended

1724 Records proudly presents—first full-length album and overseas tour from saisa

02 saisa乐队
Formed in Tokyo in 2009, saisa is a three-piece post-rock band. saisa adds vocal to the various sounds of guitar created, and tells their own sorrows and memories through the melodies.
saisa joined 1724 Records in February 2013. Since then, the band has been working on their first full-length album and overseas tour. In June, they will set off from Guangzhou, all the way north through Shenzhen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xi’an and Beijing to share their music and stories with the fans in China.

03 宣传卡片
2013.6.14 Fri. Guangzhou, TuTu Space
Sculpture Park, No.545 Xiatangxi Street,Yuexiu District
03 宣传卡片
2013.6.15 Sat. Shenzhen, Idutang
F3 OCT-Loft, Enping Jie, Oversea Chinese Town, Nanshan District
03 宣传卡片
2013.6.16 Sun. Wuhan, Vox
No.118 Lumo Rd, Hongshan District
03 宣传卡片
2013.6.19 Wed. Zhengzhou, 7 Live
2nd Floor, Zhongzhou Theatre, Wenhua Rd/Jinshui Rd
03 宣传卡片
2013.6.20 Thur. Xi’an, Aperture Club
B1 Zhengxin Zhineng Building, Yinmachi, Juhuayuan, Dong Dajie, Beilin District
03 宣传卡片
2013.6.22 Sat. Beijing Yugong Yishan
3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu, Dongcheng District

Pre-order: RMB 50 (00:00 18 May-00:00 9 June)
Door: RMB 60

Official website (Chinese)制作中)
Tour Manager: Li Li (

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