Two Tracks from Summer Fades Away to Be Used in German Documentary, Why?.

We are proud to announce that “Yuhua Pavlion” and “Thanks” are to be used in German documentary, Why? .

The documentary started two years ago led by Rene from Berlin; so far it is half way through. Why? sees into the shortage of natural resource through in-depth post humanism thinking. It shows how human activities affected the environment through acting, as well as interviews and data analysis. The documentary also tries to find solutions for the problems. The team will provide free downloading once the documentary is finished.

Rene contacted us in February about using the tracks, we are happy to provide sound tracks for them and authorized “Yuhua Pavlion” and “Thanks” free of charge, since nature and environment have been such important issue to everyone.

We are always open to this kind of collaborations. Feel free to contact us at should you like our music in your project.

1724 Awarded Annual Label by Abilu

Recently Douban announced the result of 2013 Abilu Award, and 1724 was named anural label with Dying Art and Maybe Mars Records.

This is the first time for us to be part of the winning list of this kind of awards, and since Abilu is based on the statistic analysis of Douban artist, all our artists and every one of you is part of this award.

Thank you so much for the support and let’s wait for more miracle to happen in 2013!