[Free Download] Various Artists – 2 of 1724

2 of 1724's cover
2 of 1724
Various Artists
1724 Records,1724022CD
Electronic / Instrumental / Folk
Digital compilation
Total time:37’59”

download from 1724 site
download from uploaded.net

01 A Letter to the Middle-aged Man by Dingmao
02 The World is Peaceful(remix) by L.Xuan
03 Yesterday’s Route by FayzZ
04 Hogg Watts by iimmune
05 0909 by Behind Three and Seven
06 Doves by Dove
07 Rainbow by Rueby
08 Blove Rain(demo) by Zifu

This compilation album is a mixture of solo projects from members of bands working with 1724 and solo artists we like. Compared with band, these solo projects work more closely with software, and more flexible. This album is not only chosen by us, but also belongs to you.

Something more about contain artists.Dingmao,guitarist of postrock band Hualun.L.Xuan,guitarist of Sparrow.FayzZ,guitarist of 48V & The Hit.iimmune,guitarist of Glow Curve.Behind Three and Seven,side project name of He Shijie,the guitarist & vocal of disbanded indie rock group Ashes On Wednesday.Dove,an one man project.Rubey,one man project,also the guitarist of Hualun.Zifu,vocal & guitaris of Folk-Rock/Indie-Pop band Thumbgirl.

All tracks composed,performed,recorded and mixed by the bands or artists as list.
Spread the digital version as you like.
inner layer of compilation album 2 of 1724

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